color, texture and pattern make a home that feels collected and authentic; this is Lucy’s signature style.


The Lucy Rose Design Collection is a mix of British boutique lines of fabric and wallpaper that Lucy has brought to the American shores.  It is British design at its best and most inspiring; the patterns are whimsical, organic and gardenesque. They are naturalistic, sometimes stylized, graphic and always colorful.  Designs from the 1930’s and Bloomsbury recreated meets 1950’s retro cool, and always with that English charm. The fabrics and wallpapers are designed by artists and printed in Britain and are available in showrooms across the United States.


As David Mlinaric so aptly said, “A store of visual references and the ability to conjure them up when needed are crucial for a decorator”: this is Lucy’s forte and it is what she brings to the table in her interior design projects and in the choosing of fabrics and wallpapers to be included in her collection.

photo: Nicole Griffiths

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